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Looking for Great Local Music

February 15, 2011

An open letter to the music community in Dayton-Cincinnati-Columbus:

Hello!  Allow me a moment to make a few introductions.  I am Dr. J and along with the talented Mrs. Dr. J, we play alternative, independent, and local music on our radio show, The School of Rock w/ Dr. J on WUDR.  The show is meant to illustrate the bonds of music and demonstrate the great music that we have here in the Miami Valley and especially the City of Dayton, Ohio.  We play music from various genres and styles that demonstrate the power of music to change the world.  Yeah, we mean that by the way. 

The origin of the show goes back over five years ago when Dr. J decided to take the Popular Music class that he was teaching at the University of Dayton and bring the discussions, history, comments, and love of music to the airways and streaming ‘Net.  What was the very first Rock and Roll song?  We talk about that.  What makes a great song you simply cannot live without?  Yup, we talk about that too.  The show highlights music that is new and foundational.  We explore the connections between new bands and those that came before. 

Consider where else might you hear about the musical bonds of The Byrds – Gram Parsons – Flying Burrito Brothers – Uncle Tupelo – Son Volt and Wilco – The Decemberists  Or the lineage of Big Star – R.E.M. – The Connells – The Mayflies USA – The Sammies?  Imagine a world where the music of The Ramones – The Raspberries – The Replacements – Guided by Voices – The Breeders – Pete Yorn is connected to The New York Dolls – The Smiths – Radiohead and Belle and Sebastian… just to name a few music paths we explore. 

Part of our missions is to bring music, concerts, and  more information from local bands to those who love great indie music.  So, if you are in a local band or know of a great band that deserves a chance to be heard and discussed by two DJs who love the history, experience, feel, and a great bass line, consider contacting us at or on twitter at drjwudr


“Love the music, Love the Crowd” (from the musical film, Bandwagon)– Dr. J


A New Show Today

February 15, 2011

Brand new music today from Bright Eyes, R.E.M., The Twilight Singers, Social Distortion, Cowboy Junkies, Vanity Theft, Telekinesis, and Drive by Truckers.  Unreleased music from George Huntley – A Face in the Crowd – we do not understand why this song was never released, it is fantastic!  We are also going to play a rare Replacements song.  And spin a classic alt-country gem from Son Volt as well as newer Americana from The Avett Brothers recent live CD.  Plus two songs from Old School Dropouts from The Connells in our very own Connells Corner.

Let us know what you think at

You can listen to the show at

We will be talking about new music and taking your calls about The Grammy Awards. What do you think about the Arcade Fire win for best album for The Suburbs?  Was that a surprise or simply about damn time for some independent music to be recognized?  So, if you have any thoughts worth sharing about the Grammys then call the show 937-229-2774 from 4-6pm Eastern today.

– Dr. J

Arcade Fire wins Best Album

February 13, 2011

Who would have thought that Arcade Fire would beat out the competition to win Grammy album of the year? Not us at The School of Rock that is for sure! But wow, the terrific The Suburbs won.

One more example of how honest, real heartfelt emotion can win over big label machinery. Congrats to the band and the overlooked indie that could Merge Records!

Score one for the good guys.

What’s in a Song?

February 8, 2011
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What makes a great song? Why is it so easy to create a mediocre song? As I drove home after the show today, I wondered what is the difference between something that makes you feel like flying and that which brings you crashing to Earth?

Dr. J Tweets

February 8, 2011

If you wish to learn more about The School of Rock radio show with Dr. J and Mrs. Dr. J, check out our tweet stream at drjwudr on


See you next Tuesday from 4-6pm (Eastern).

– Dr. J

The Decemberists have #1 Record

February 8, 2011

imageThe Americana-Alt Country influenced The King is Dead by The Decemberists is the number one record in the country selling nearly 94, 000 CDs in the first week.  This is nearly five times the number of records sold for their previous effort, The Hazards of Love in its first week.  The King is Dead marks a departure from the theatrical nature and story of the rake and the forest from Hazards.  Led by an infectious single, Down by the River, the new record plays like a series of vignettes about love, locale, and connection.  Backed by the amazing Gillian Welch on most of the songs on the record, the Portland, Oregon quintet evoke a style reminiscent of Uncle Tupelo and the spin-off efforts of Jay Farrar (Son Volt – most notably their first record Trace) and Jeff Tweedy (early Wilco notably AM and Being There).  Most reviewers have focused on how The King is Dead reminds them of early R.E.M. and with Peter Buck adding guitar on several tracks that comparison seems more than apt.  But there is more here than just one influence, The King is Dead connects to a long history of Americana and it does that tradition justice.

Want to Know what we are playing?

January 8, 2011

Check out WUDR Now Playing on Twitter to see what we played on The School of Rock w/ Dr. J and Mrs. Dr. J!  Or if you just hear something that you liked on WUDR – check out the list on the ‘ol Twitter feed!

Because it is the music that matters, -Dr. J

New Music for Spring 2011

January 2, 2011

Goodbye 2010.  Thank you for some great music.  And hello to 2011 which promises to be another amazing year in music.  Just some of what we are waiting for in 2011…

R.E.M. – Collapse into Now

Vanity Theft – You Get what You Came For

The Twilight Singers – Dynamite Steps

The Decemberists – The King is Dead

Cut/Copy – Zonoscope

Destroyer – Kaputt

Bright Eyes – The People’s Key

Smith Westerns – Dye It Blonde

Telekinesis – 12 Straight Lines

Cloud Nothings – Cloud Nothings

Iron and Wine – Kiss Each Other Clean

Yellow Ostrich – The Mistress

Locally we are excited about new music from Dayton bands – Motel Beds, Me and Mountains, The Rebel Set, Vanity Theft, The Fairshakes and more. 

What are you looking forward to in this New Year?

What is your favorite…

December 20, 2010

… Indie holiday music?  What would you say is your favorite independent or alternative or unusual holiday music?  Check WUDR this holiday season for indie seasonal music!

Your happy holidays pal, – Dr. J

Best of 2010 (Part One)

December 14, 2010

What did you all think of our Best of 2010 show?

Next week we will be playing the second half of our List!

Stay Tuned music fans, – your pal, Dr. J